Fire Chief
Michael Bachmeyer

Chief's Corner

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Welcome to the City of Red Bluff Fire Department. It is my honor to serve our community as your Fire Chief. I encourage you to review the documents and postings here as we strive to be transparent about our actions and efforts to mitigate threats to public safety within our community.

Our Fire Department is steeped in a tradition of service dating back to 1876. Past generations have paved a foundation through self-sacrifice and passing on their knowledge to the current generation. We honor our past, embrace our present, and cast vision for the Department’s future.

The men and women that serve our department are bound by a commitment to help all those in need and constantly pursue ways to enhance our services to the public. Each day, the Department grows stronger through innovation and our commitment to train both our minds and bodies. Every firefighter is in a constant state of readiness and prepared for the next call no matter how big or small.
I am proud to lead such a diverse group of firefighters. Our Mission Statement although brief, holds a promise to the public and our way of life in the fire service.

 “It shall be the mission of the Red Bluff Fire Department to provide and maintain the highest level of Fire Suppression, Prevention, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services; to take pride in ourselves and our department.”


Michael Bachmeyer
Fire Chief
City of Red Bluff

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Is it better to call the Fire Department directly or dial 9-1-1?

For emergency purposes, you should always call 9-1-1.  Our 9-1-1 dispatch system is set up to save valuable time and send the closest unit to you and/or your home.  Due to training, projects, and other emergencies, personnel are often out of the station and not available to take calls.

How do I request a copy of a fire incident report?

You must complete an Incident Report Request, found in our Document Library or located at our office, and submit it along with the required fee.  Reports cost $10 for the first four pages and an additional .50¢ per page thereafter.  You may contact our office to inquire about the total cost of your report 527-1126.

Can I visit or do a tour of the fire station?

Yes, absolutely! We invite you and your family to tour the fire station at 555 Washington Street. Please stop by and visit us between the hours of 8am and 5pm. If you have a larger group, then please email Kathleen Stephens to make arrangements.

Do you offer first aid and/or CPR classes?

No, we do not offer training to the public; however, the American Red Cross (244-8001) and other private organizations offer these classes.  You may also contact St. Elizabeth Community Hospital (529-8000) for possible further information on available classes.