Whitt Hall

Whitt Hall

William C. Whitt

In 1924, William Cowell Whitt moved to Red Bluff, Tehama Co., California where he managed two theaters for a couple of years, the Orpheum (the current State Theater) and the Granada.  After the theaters sold a year and a half later, Whitt stayed on for 39 years as a projectionist until 1958.

He joined the fire department as a volunteer in 1925.  He was appointed Fire Marshal in 1928 at which time he began his big-game trophy hunts.  He was named Chief of the volunteers in 1944 and a full-time Fire Chief in 1958.  Bill retired on July 1, 1968 at the age of 72, however since he lived just across the street, he continued to “answer the call” by taking on the job of dispatcher on a volunteer basis.

BW at desk 
BW at dispatch

From about the age of 3 years, Bill learned the skills needed to be a successful hunter from his father.  He traveled extensively all over the world and saw many sights in his lifetime.  He had been to Australia, British Honduras, India, Africa, Alaska, British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, Idaho, Texas and South Dakota.  All have been hunting trips from which he brought back a number of trophies which are now on display at Station-II now known as the W.C. Whitt Fire Hall, 835 Cedar St. in Red Bluff.  The meat and hides from the foreign hunts went to the local natives of the various countries.  He would bring home Moose for the firemen and friends to enjoy at Moose-feeds cooked with help from the firemen and their wives about twice a year at the fire hall.

William C. Whitt died on July 2, 1994 at the age of 96.

A book of Bill Whitt's hunting exploits has been transcribed and printed from his personal journal and is available for purchase at the Whitt Hall - Museum