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Business Resources

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for enforcement of all local, state, and national safety codes that pertain to life safety. All commercial, industrial, and public buildings are subject to a fire inspections as well as multi-family occupancies such as hotels, motels, apartments, and care facilities. There are several different types of inspection programs that are over seen by the Prevention Division.

Company Inspections – These type of inspections are conducted by the on duty fire crews and they usually consist of commercial, industrial, and public buildings. Each occupancy that falls into this program is inspected once a year. This accomplishes several things, the fire crews become familiar with the occupancies layout and the business owner(s), and reduces the loss of life and property by identifying fire and life safety violations.

Self-Inspections – These types of inspections are for "Business" type occupancies only. A form is sent out to the business owner to complete. The business owner is provided a check list of common violations that are found in this type of occupancy. The business owner is required to return the form within two weeks of receipt. Once the form is completed and returned, the Prevention Officer reviews the form. If no violations are found the inspection is good for one year. When the inspection is up for renewal, the occupancy is inspection by a fire crew. Self-Inspections are only completed every other year so that fire crews do not lose communication with the business owner or find themselves unfamiliar with an occupancy.

Automatic Fire Suppression System Self-Inspections – These types of inspections are monitored by the Prevention Division. Every occupancy that has an Automatic Fire Suppression System is required to inspect their system and fill out a self-inspection every three (3) months. If the system is due for it five (5) year test, a licensed contractor is required to complete the test.

New Construction or Occupancy – The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for conducting the inspections on all new businesses and all construction projects. Once this is accomplished it is then assigned an inspector and inspected on an annual basis.

To request an inspection, please contact:
Fire Prevention Chief
Mark Moyer
Office: (530) 527-1126
Cell: (530) 200-4587

The California Fire Code and its Standards are adopted every three years. This also includes Article 4 of the California Fire Code which pertains to Permit Fees. The 2019 California Fire Code and its Standards have been adopted.