Fire Safety & Prevention

Fire Safety & Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division's main purpose is to prevent life and property loss. This is accomplished through public education, public awareness, and code enforcement.

The Fire Prevention Division employs one full-time Fire Prevention Chief.  The Fire Prevention Division’s hours of operation are from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday.

Daily tasks of the Fire Prevention Division are; Code Enforcement, New and Existing Business Inspections, Plan-Checks & Reviews, Fire Investigations, Public Information, and Public Safety Demonstrations.

The Fire Prevention Division works hand in hand with the Red Bluff Building Department to provide the best possible services in all areas of building construction and code enforcement. The goal is to provide a "One stop shopping" atmosphere, so that all your questions can be answered with one visit.

The Red Bluff Fire Department has fire investigators that are fully trained in determining origin and cause of fire.  The fire crew on duty has the option to investigate small fires with minimal dollar loss or call for an investigator.

The Red Bluff Fire Department works aggressively in prosecuting individuals who choose to commit the crime of arson. Working hand in hand with local law enforcement agencies and the California Department of Forestry criminals have been caught and prosecuted. 

If you would like more information about the Fire Prevention Division, then please call:

Division Chief Mark Moyer at (530) 527-1126 or (530) 200-4587