Weed Abatement

Weed Abatement

The following Weed Abatement Standards are designed to assist fire fighting efforts by slowing the spread of fire. They are not designed for City beautification. The RBFD has the final decision in determining whether an area is “safe from the spread of fire” and conforms to the “intent of the code”.

Weeds, grass, or other combustible growth may be abated by mowing, disking, or scraping. If mowed, the combustible growth must be cut and maintained at a height that would not constitute a fire hazard.



  1. All Properties:

(a) Mow or disk space around all buildings 30 feet wide at minimum.

(b) Mow or disk space 50 feet wide minimum completely around the perimeter of the property to the street or sidewalk. Mow or disk 30 feet wide minimum crossbreaks every 50 feet maximum. (property can be completely mowed or disked in lieu of crossbreaking)

(c) Mow or disk space extending 30 feet minimum beyond the foliage of any group of trees.

(d) All rubbish, trash, trimmings, rubble or litter shall be removed from the property.

(e) All woods, fuel, or lumber shall be neatly stacked or removed from the property.

(f) All weeds, grass, or other combustible growth shall be cleared at least 10 feet from around any combustible storage.

(g) Greenbelt, pastures, and environmentally-sensitive areas shall be assessed on an individual basis. Contact the fire department if you believe that this applies to your property.

(h) Mow or disk space may be required to be larger if a potential fire hazard exists.

  1. Developers:

(a) Applications may be approved on a case-by-case basis for a burn permit to burn brush due to development of property. Contact the Fire Marshal for details. If approved, burning must take place prior to May 1st, weather permitting.