Burning Rules

Burning Rules

City of Red Bluff Burning Regulations

The City of Red Bluff has determined to permanently ban all outdoor residential burning

oakleafSECTION 2.  In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Red Bluff, Chapter 8: Fire Department, Article II: FIRE CODE, Section 8.17 of the Code of The City of Red Bluff is amended to read as follows:


Section 307 of the International Fire Code is amended in the following respects.

The Fire Chief, Air Pollution Control Officer, or their authorized representative is authorized to require that open burning be immediately discontinued, if he or hse determines that smoke emissions are offensive to occupants of surrounding property, or if the open burning is determined to consitute a hazardous condition.

The Fire Chief is authorized to enforce a ban on all open burning during periods of critical fire danger.

(A) Open Burning/Residential.

      (1) Residential open burning, including without limitation burn barrels, is prohibited within the City of Red Bluff at all times.

      (2) The following exceptions apply to the ban on residential open burning:

            (a) Fire used for the cooking of food products for human consumption within an appropriate barbeque on public or private property.

            (b) Fires permitted in paragraph (B) "Land clearing" or paragraph (C) "Special Events" below.

            (c) Portable manufactured outdoor fireplaces shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and shall not be operated within 15 feet of a structure or within 15 feet of any comustible materials.  Only small twigs, sticks, or properly-sized natural wood (approved  by the AHJ) shall be used. These portable outdoor fireplaces shall only be used on private property in which the person burning has the burden of proof they have permission to be on the property.  Outdoor fireplaces shall be continuously attended until the fire is extinguished. A minimum of one portable fire extinguisher complying with Section 906 of the California Fire Code with a minimum of a 4-A rating or other approved on-site fire extinguishing equipment, such as water barrels of no less than 5 gallons or garden hoses, shall be available for immediate utilization.  If the fire escapes, that person will be held liable for damagees and/or suppression costs.  At any time, the Fire chief and/or their representative reserves the right to determine the fire a nuisance and have the fire extinguished.

(B) Land Clearing.

      (1) A land clearing permit must be obtained first from Tehama County Air Pollution Control and then from Red Bluff Fire Department.

      (2) A water supply or other approved fire-extinguishing equipment shall be readily available for use at the open burning site.

      (3) The burning site shall be attended by a person knowledgeable in the use of the fire-extinguishing equipment required by this section. An attendant shall supervise the burning material until the fire has been extinguished.

(C) Special Events. Special event burning is authorized when a permit is obtained for a warming fire or cooking with the following criteria:

      (1) Pit location must be inspected prior to digging;

      (2) Twenty-foot clearance of all vegetation around the pit;

      (3) There must be at least one adult in actual attendance with water, garden hose, shovel, or other fire extinguishing equipment on hand at all times;

      (4) The pit must have a wire-mesh top;

      (5) Only wood or barbecue charcoal can be burned in the pit.

(D) With the prior written approval of the Fire Chief and the Air Pollution Control Officer, or their authorized representative(s), fire set to instruct or train public or industrial employees in methods of firefighting are permitted.

burnbbNO Burning in a Burn Barrel or Incinerator
As of January 1, 2004, residential burn barrels and/or incinerators were no longer  authorized per the State of California. For more information on this please visit the State of California Air Resources Board website.


If you have any more questions regarding the burning regulations within the Red Bluff city limits, then please call the fire department at (530) 527-1126.